Labour cost per hour

US$ 25.00 per hour and per man.

EIR & leak test

US$ 20.00 per tank and hour

Manlid seal cost

PTFE : 0.25H + US$ 16.00
Supertank tyt : 0.16 + US$ 100.00

External cleaning cost

Depend upon condition of external contamination

Calibration of relief valve

1Hour + US$ 25.00

Pressure test of steam tube

US$ 26.00

Steam heating facilities 

Three(3) steam connections 

Steam heating price

Steam service cost per hr


US$  80.00 per hour

Electrical heating facilities

3 bay for heating

Electrical heating service rate

US$ 100.00 per day.

1. Warmwater heating facilities
      2. 1 bay

1. Warmwater heating price rate
2. Heating service cost per hour - US$ 7.00

What kind of polishing disk used?

3M nylon disc.

How do you pickle anf passivate?

Carry out passivation solution

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